Cost of dental implants in the U.S. compared to Cancun, Mexico

saving moneyDental treatment and dental surgery are some of the most expensive forms of treatment in the U.S. The cost is so high that a significant number of North Americans cannot afford dental insurance coverage. Despite the current situation there is no positive change expected. Instead the trend is set to worsen as dental care in the U.S. and Canada becomes more and more expensive over the next few years due to many factors including the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Interesting to note is that this is not the case everywhere in the world. Cancun, Mexico offers the same dental implant surgery using the same brand of implants as in the U.S. but at very affordable prices. Moreover, the quality of treatment is extremely high, meeting top quality standards of treatment back home in the U.S.

Medical travel to Cancun seems to offer the solution to affordable dental implant surgery. For some people it is more of an essential treatment than it is a cosmetic process. This is because dental implants are used to restore the functionality of missing teeth allowing for strong bites, proper chewing and grinding as well as the restoration of a perfect smile by replacing the missing teeth. Cancun is internationally recognized for its excellence in dental implant surgery and can be trusted to provide safe, affordable treatment. An analysis of the actual dental implant cost in the U.S. and in Cancun shows a clear contrast in affordability between the two. In the U.S the average cost of dental implants ranges from $4,000 to $5,000 per complete dental implant unit that include abutment and crown over implant. The same dental implant in Cancun is offered at $900 per unit plus abutment and crown over implant for $450. As you can see the saving can definitely add up. Most dental tourists that need dental implants do not need only one, usually they need a few. The more a person needs the more they will save.

The sharp contrast between the costs in these two countries brings out the reason why many North Americans resort to no treatment at all if they are to get it within the U.S. It is worth exploring one’s options especially if you need more than one dental implant unit for a complete dental restoration. The patient can be sure that their dental implant brand of choice is used including the American brands such as Noble Biocare. The implant is opened i front of the patient and they can verify it for themselves before it is placed into their jaw. The price of $ 900 per dental implant covers for all fees, x-rays, dental impressions and materials used. To complete the dental implant surgery an abutment and crown are fixed and this raises the cost only slightly higher. Therefore the whole package of implant, abutment and crown costs as little as $1,350 per tooth which is still way cheaper than the total cost of implant surgery in the U.S.

Affordability of treatment in Cancun is based on several factors. This is because most dental clinics in Cancun have lower operating costs, lower labor costs and lower insurance than the U.S. It is no wonder then that the price for dental implant surgery comes to about one third of what is paid in the U.S.

Another key element to look for is a dental clinic that is ADA (American Dental Association) certified. Dental Vacation Center deals with the only ADA Certified dentist in Cancun to assure its clients have the best dentists available at an affordable price. The clinic even accept some U.S. insurance.

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