Dental Bone Grafting: What is it and how does it work?

dental-team working on ladyDental bone grafting is a surgical process commonly used in dental procedures where dental implants are involved. Every dentist will agree that for a dental implant to be successful it must support a dental restoration well. This ability is determined by the amount of bone that is available in the dental site where the implant is to be placed. Many times the bone volume is adequate for allowing placement of a dental implant and this ensures the success of a dental restoration. Sometimes though, the supporting bone is inadequate due to loss of bone volume as a result of trauma, periodontal disease and various dental infections. Therefore, a bone grafting in dental work is considered a technique used to replace missing bone in the jaw. It is also used to prevent anticipated bone loss in certain procedures such as tooth extraction.

There are various types of dental bone grafting which is evidenced by the different ways in which the procedure can be done. One simple way of dental bone grafting is to harvest bone during the preparation of an implant site then later reuse the bone for grafting purposes. This technique is very likely to yield excellent results because the dental repairs and additions are done using the patient’s own bone. In certain circumstances, the patient’s bone cannot be harvested from the jaw area but has to be collected from somewhere else in the body. The body area most commonly used is the hip bone and the technique involves collaborative working with a physician who plays the role of bone harvesting from the hip. The dentist can then use the harvested bone in the jaw area where it is needed, although this technique is rarely used.

Other ways in which bone grafting work is through the use of synthetic bone. Basically, bone that has been specially designed for this exact purpose to stimulate growth of the patient’s own bone at the site of repair. It is considered an efficient and safe technique. Alternatively, certain factors drawn from the patient’s own blood can be used to quicken bone formation in sites of dental repair. The use of dental bone grafting with ‘’Barrier Membrane Technique’’ is also very commonly done and is esteemed to be a very successful promoter of strong bone formation. Here, specially made membranes are used to promote growth of bone forming cells while preventing growth of soft tissue cells.

Important to note though is that use of dental bone grafting together with dental implants has its own possible downsides. Firstly, the use of dental bone grafting to provide bone stability coupled with the subsequent period of healing may significantly elongate time for dental restoration procedures. Secondly, dental bone grafting is bound to raise the cost of dental implant procedures. Despite this fact, bone grafting need not be too expensive when performed by a dentist who has sought to demystify this procedure. The patient’s insight on how dental bone grafting works is essential so that they can recognize when a dental implant work has been over-priced by a dentist who complicates the procedure for his gain.

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