Dental Tourism with Dental Vacation Center

Dental Tourism The Answer To The High Cost Of Treatments in North America

Are you sick and tired of paying the high cost of dental treatments in North America? Are you looking to find high quality, low cost dental options? Dental tourism just might be the answer you've been looking for. Dental tourism is the act of seeking out high quality, low cost options outside the United States or Canada in countries like Costa Rica and Mexico. Tens of thousands of people travel each year to save up to 80% on crowns, bridges, implants, and full mouth restorations. Join our hundreds of satisfied customers each year, some who have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Dental Vacation Center The Most Trusted Name In Dental Tourism

Our providers are some of the top dentists and clinics in each of the dental tourism destinations we offer. Many of Dental Vacation Center's clinics are internationally accredited, have been featured in national and international media, and are trusted partners in large American insurance plans and employee benefit plans. A dental vacation does not have to mean a lack of quality.

Dental Vacation Center takes the guesswork and risk out of finding a qualified overseas dental provider. Dental Vacation Center is a division of Passport Medical, North America's leading medical travel company. Passport Medical was awarded the "Excellence In Medical Travel Facilitation Award" at the annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress as the top medical travel company internationally.  You can be assured of top quality service and the very best providers for your dental vacation. Why trust anyone else?

Dental Tourism Costa Rica

Dental tourism Costa Rica has been highly sought after for years and is often considered one of the best destinations in the world for high quality, low cost care. There are many skilled dentists and oral surgeons in the capital, San Jose, and we offer the very best. Dental tourism Costa Rica also offers the potential to explore this wonderful country and all it has to offer.

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental tourism Mexico offers a number of excellent options for treatment. Destinations like Cancun and Los Algodones invite tens of thousands of people each year to experience dental tourism Mexico. Cancun dental clinics offer excellent care and one of the premier tourism destinations in the world with white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Los Algodones dental clinics offer a very convenient opportunity to walk or drive over the border for treatment in this border town.

To start saving up to 80% on your dental tourism experience, contact Dental Vacation Center now.

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