Dental Tourism in Mexico: Sun, Sand, and Affordable Dental Care in Cancun

Fuelled by a lack of insurance coverage for dental treatments combined with the high-cost of procedures, dental tourism is a rapidly growing industry. When comparing the cost of dental in North America with countries such as Costa Rica or Mexico, the difference is astounding—many dental treatments can be received with dental tourism in Mexico for…
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Dental Care Abroad an Affordable Alternative for North Americans

Dental health is an essential part of overall health, yet the majority of dental procedures in North America are not covered by healthcare or insurance. Patients are forced to pay ludicrous amounts of money to attain even the most basic of dental procedures, procedures which have an enormous impact on their physical and psychological wellbeing.…
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Are Affordable Dental Implants Right for You?

Implants are man-made tooth roots designed to act as a foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth. Because a natural tooth is made up of a root that holds the tooth in place and a crown for the actual tooth surface, it is important for an implanted root to be connected securely. In the procedure,…
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