The Sani clinic is clean and very busy. I read of some people complaining of waiting even with an appointment. This clinic is not for people who expect to enter on the hour of their appointment. You must be flexible as they are also dealing with unexpected situations treating other patients.

My bridge was cracked and they replaced it plus 3 more crowns. It looks better than the $7,000 bridge I walked in with. I would NEVER receive the personal attention I got and been able to explain what I wanted in the States. No way.

These people are very very busy and they are pumping out implants, crowns, bridges and veneers every day, even Saturdays. The quality of the porcelain to metal crowns is very good and they don't scrimp on layering on the porcelain over metal. My one complaint is bonding. They don't have the pastes and buffs to polish out rough edges and I ended up popping out two of them using dental floss. They did replace them but they are rough and I must get them polished.

The laser treatments for bone and gum regrowth are fabulous and also the ozone cleanings can't be beat. I had looked for a dentist offering this in the U.S. years ago and there were only a handful and of course very expensive.

I am overall very very happy with my experience at Sani. This is probably the most active clinic in Algodones. If you can't go with the flow this might not be the place for you as there are days you will come in for your appointment at 9 a.m. and leave in the evening, depending on your treatment plan.

Just keep communicating and ask questions, these people are busy so make sure you are communicating well and they do have English speaking staff to translate for you.

Everyone was very friendly and patient in spite of a demanding schedule and workload.

Janice W. liked the quality of work and the friendliness at SANI.,

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