I had done online research to find reviews. I had checked out several options and chose this clinic.

My husband and I both had expensive dental work done here. He had 29 crowns put in and now has a beautiful smile. I had 9 crowns done and some bite adjustment because of problems with TMJ. Dr. Javier was the dentist we both had and he did a fabulous job. Nice fittings, up under gums, good color and very natural looking.

I then saw Dr. Barron in regards to my TMJ and he made a night guard for me to wear hoping that it would help relieve muscle tightness in my jaws. This is taking some adjustment time, but hoping that it works.

Everyone there was very professional and friendly. The office is very busy and appointments can be delayed, just bring some patience, a book or watch one of several TV's that are provided. The difference in pricing is WELL worth the extra waiting time.

Between the two of us, we are guessing that we saved in excess of $20,000 & a complimentary three night stay at the Hacienda Hotel. We also want to send a special thank you to Martin and April for your extra time and help.

We will definitely recommend this clinic to our friends and family.

Gordon T. and wife liked SANI and Dr.'s Javier and Barron,

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