My visit with Dr. Alejandro Mora and Dr. Andres Fernandez far surpassed my
expectations .

We all have fear of the pain and discomfort; however this part was very minimal. I experienced a small throb for a couple of hours. In 2 hours I was eating as much ice cream as I wanted and I went to the movies that evening. I took only 1 of the 5 pain pills I was given.

My next concern was how long would I be in the chair, well it wasn't much of a
concern after all, it only took about an hour to complete the work I needed, which included 2 teeth pulled, 2 post’s installed for my implants, some bone work and of course the stitches.

I went home and took a nap for 2 hours and then I was up and doing pretty much all the stuff i usually do, eating hard foods took 4 days.

In short it was a breeze for
me with 2 Doctors who were both fun and informative. Talk to these guys you’ll be glad you did.

John S. liked minimal pain and time in chair,

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