Dear Doctor Lasso

Thank you for checking in on me. I’m doing very well. My two implants are performing great!. They’re just like having my two natural teeth back in my mouth again.

For the most part I totally forget I even have implants, since they work just as well as my original molars did. Your dentistry results are as good as your service was pleasant and professional.

I won’t hesitate to recommend you and Doctor Chan to anyone I know of who is considering Dental implants or for that matter any serious dental work. Of
course that also means you should expect to see me again, the next time I have the need for dentistry services that are more than I care to pay for here in the US.

Oh, I might add that the dental claim form I filed with my Dental insurance was accepted and I was he cost without any questions asked.

Thanks again for your fine services, and of course Doctor Chan’s also.

Good day,

Vincent C. is happy and was reimbursed % 85 by his plan,

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