Testimonials for Dr. Alejandro Mora Lasso:


I have estimated that over the past thirty (30) years I have spent at least $70,000 on dental care. During my childhood my father’s idea of dental care was to choose the least expensive method of care. This, plus several injuries to my face resulted in the loss of
seven (7) permanent teeth.

By the time I contacted Dr. Alejandro Mora almost all my teeth were crowned, I wore a partial denture which I hated and I rarely smiled due to being self- conscious about my teeth. Even with all the work I had done my mouth was still a disaster and each time I visited my dentist the care got more expensive, the quality of work decreased and I saw no end in sight. I recently married and my husband and I decided it was time to have my teeth redone.

I received a $45,000 estimate from my U.S. dentist, taking eighteen (18) months to complete the work. My husband spent five (5) months exploring dental tourism and we finally decided on Dr. Alejandro Mora Lasso.

We traveled to Liberia, Costa Rica where Dr. Alejandro Mora's colleague Dr. Andres Fernandez R. placed the implants. I had one (1) tooth pulled and immediately implanted, six (6) other implants placed and a sinus lift. We spent a week on vacation, went for a
follow-up visit and flew home.

Four (4) months later we returned to Costa Rica, this time to San Jose where Dr. Andres Fernandez finished off the implants and Dr. Alejandro Mora started working on the crowns. We removed all the old crowns and one week later Dr. Alejandro Mora placed all the new crowns.

The first eight (8) teeth on the top and bottom are full porcelain and the rest porcelain-over-metal for strength. The results were amazing. I am now proud of my smile.

Dr. Alejandro Mora, Dr. Andres Fernandez and his staff did a wonderful job. They worked around our vacation schedule, around time constraints while providing me with excellent and professional care.

We recently traveled again to Costa Rica to enjoy the beauty of the country and met with Dr. Alejandro Mora for one final check-up. The overall dental cost was less than a third of our $45,000 quote.

I am writing this uncompensated recommendation in the hopes of helping others who need dental work and cannot afford United States prices.

My email address is available through Dr. Alejandro Mora for any serious prospective clients who may have questions about my experience.

Jeanette L.'s uncompensated recommendation,

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