Re: Dr. Mora:

Since I was so emotional when you and your staff completed my dentistry work last week, I will send my gratitude here in this e-mail.

I found you to be a very gentle and caring man and the two female Dr.’s. were also in your likeness; very gracious and kind,all of you. I was very impressed at the coordination of the entire visit by the health base.

Everything went smoothly, taxis, hotel, appointments, perfecto! What you have done for me is eased my pain and given me a pretty smile, and I will never forget you. Never. In fact, I will probably return to you in a couple of years.

I have given out at least a dozen cards to co-workers. Being in healthcare gives me ample opportunity to share my experience, and I intend to. Look at me, crying again!

Thank you, thank you
so much.

Christine D. raves about Dr. Mora,

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