I was a patient of Dr. Alejandro Mora and I had a great and successful experience!
My first trip there was in July 2009. I had all of my remaining teeth pulled and had 20 implants (10 upper & 10 lower). I also needed bone graft and a sinus lift. Before the surgery I had numerous panoramic X-rays, pictures, etc.

I had a lot of swelling for a few days after but I never experienced any pain. I saw Dr. Alejandro Mora about every other day after the swelling had subsided so that he could observe my healing and do
more X-rays and calculations. Two weeks after my surgery I had my lower crowns fixed (porcelain fused to a metal bridge).

Unfortunately, I still needed 6 months of healing so I was condemned to an upper denture and Polident until I returned to Dr. Alejandro Mora in late January 2010 to receive my upper crowns.

I have nothing to compare it to because these are the only implants I have ever had but they sure do feel like my old teeth when they were still strong. I have no problem eating anything. Dr Mora, Dr. Andres Fernandez and the whole staff made this a wonderful experience and Costa Rica is a beautiful place to go for medical or a vacation.

I took my wife with me the second time and she had implants so I recommend Dr. Alejandro Mora highly or I would not have taken her. Oh, by the way, it was 1/3 of the cost of having it done in California and I thoroughly checked around.

Grady W. trusts Dr.'s Mora and Fernandez.,

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