As I sit here on my last night in Costa Rica, I wanted to send you a short letter of gratitude for everything you have done for me.

I spent a year researching dental implant surgery as I had decided it was my best
avenue for permanent teeth. As the cost
in North America was just ludicrous, I researched clinics all over the world and found your clinic on the Internet. After e-mailing Dr. Alejandro Mora back and forth over New Year’s 09/10, we made an appointment in January.

From the first appointment on — you sent Carlos to pick me up — I felt
very confident with everyone in your office; the quality of care and professionalism was unsurpassed. Every step of the way either Dr. Alejandro Mora or Dr. Andres Fernandez fully explained the procedure and what was going to occur.

The surgery to my top jaw was quite extensive, 8 implants and some bone grafting, and here I am 6 months
later with my new teeth. What a difference! I went through years of covering my mouth when I smiled or laughed due to the state of my pre-surgery teeth. This is absolutely life
changing as I am sure a lot of your patients tell you. I never thought it would have come out as well as it did.

The extra benefit of having my dental surgery done at your office is that I get to spend time in beautiful Costa Rica.

In closing, I want to thank you again and I also want to thank all of the girls in the office-
Veronike,Jessica and Evelyn. I whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone in need of dental care. If need be they can
contact me at

Graeme J. talks about his positive experience in Costa Rica,

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