Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a job well done to Dr. Mora, Dr. Fernandez, Dr.
Bustamante, and Dr. Hernandez.

A little info about my experience for your prospective clients:

My mom and I needed extensive restoration. I had 10 implants, 4 crowns and more than a dozen fillings, deep cleaning, detaining etc. and my mom needed 4 implants and the fixing of several others a doctor in Mexico messed up.

Dental cosmetics is a very well equipped facility (they even have TVs in the ceiling), a very clean and modern place. The doctors are very competent, talented and professional and all of them speak English well, so too does Maria the receptionist, the only American there.

The quality of work at Dental Cosmetic is on par with anything available in US, except it’s cheaper and delivered in a more efficient manner. Unlike jack of all
trades in Mexico, everything is done by specialists at Dental Cosmetics.

Dr. Mora, the cosmetics genius,
Dr. Fernandez, the surgery specialist who worked fast and caused me no pain,
Dr. Bustamante, the general dentist-fillings, deep cleaning, destaining etc.,charming and does excellent work and Dr. Hernandez, the root canal specialist, the most pain-free root canals I have ever had, works fast and talks softly.

I was very impressed by this group, quality care at decent rates.

Thank you,


Mohammad M. talks about Dental Cosmetics,

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