If any of your clients should ever need the reassurance of speaking to someone personally, you can count on me for that. I can’t say enough – and not that I haven’t tried, lol. My sister, Kristi, invited us to their place at Lake Norman yesterday for holiday festivities. It was the first time seeing my younger sister, Robin, too, since the trip to to Costa Rica. Soon as I was through the door, they want me to smile…”Cheryl got teeth, Rob got a tan”, they teased. She had a houseful of people, and all of them had heard I was going - they wanted details…. so you know I told them all about you.

I had known for a long time that I wanted to go abroad to get the work done, I just didn’t have a clue how to go about doing it. If it hadn’t been for the amazing effort you put forth on my behalf, I’d still be talking about going someday.

I can never thank you enough.


Cheryl S. From North Carolina,

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