I booked an appointment with Sani not knowing for sure what to expect, being Mexico and all. I was nervous initially when I stepped into the office but it was clean and well run with professionalism. English was no problem as there were bilingual people helping at every step when needed.

My experience in the U.S. with dentists is that they are egotistical and expect you to be happy they are giving you their time. Fancy offices, personnel, and, HUGE prices to pay for it all! At the same time, quality (in my experience) was average at best. In fact the reason I had to have this work done was because of faulty work by an American dentist.

That said, at Sani, it was no nonsense and great work!. The Dentist (Dr. Ramirez)was like a craftsman. He didn't come in with a bunch of B.S. and fancy clothes, he just got down to work and you could tell he was good at what he does. He seemed to take pride in doing an excellent job. That meant a lot to me.

It wasn't all about the money like it seems in the U.S. He did a root canal, Post/build-up and crown. It came out excellent! $350 as opposed to around $1700 in the U.S.

I have no complaints other than it sucks to drive 4 hours to get to their office. However the savings is well worth it! Now that I have a personal rapport with doctor Ramirez I feel very comfortable returning for further work and will refer to friends.

Jacque F. says ,

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