Written Testimonials

The dentist treating me was well schooled and very professional,he spoke very good English and was very considerate of any discomfort I might be experiencing, making sure I was never in any pain.

Although this was a major dental procedure and I was on a very tight time frame, having their own lab on site made it possible to get it all done.The price quoted after the initial evaulation was the price I paid! I will say the equipment was not the latest state of the art,reminded me of U.S.dental in the 80's but everthing needed was readily available.

Cost was less than 1/4 of the U.S. price,and personal safety while in Mexico was never an issue. Would recommend them to my friends and met many repeat customers from as far away as Canada.

Be prepared for long days in the chair if it's needed.My work would have been over many months normally but was completed in 4 days.You pay on a daily completion amount and credit cards are accepted with no problems.

Mike H. liked SANI's consideration for his pain free experience,

Very pleased with them.

Both I and the wife had work done. I had all of mine capped for $3080.00. Wife had to go back for some minor adjustment and they took her right in and got it done. No appointment and no charge

Charles J. likes SANI's treatment of his wife,

I had an implant to replace the tooth lost due to damage done by incompetent and unethical U.S. dentists.

Dr. Bojorquez was quick, efficient, and very competent. The price was exactly as quoted, no unneeded procedures were suggested.

I was treated very courteously by the clinic as well as others in Los Algodones who were happy to direct me to the clinic. I will have my teeth cleaned in the US, but any major work needed I will get here.

Laura B. will have all major work done at SANI,

We were very nervous, but the experience turned out good.We have already recommended your clinic. We will be returning and we have other family members that need dental work.

SANI removed Laura C's nervousness,

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