Written Testimonials

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful work you did for me. Coming down to Costa Rica for my two implants was the best decision I could have made. I combined the work with two mini vacations to explore your beautiful country. By scheduling the work at the beginning and end of the week, I was able to see some great beaches. My new teeth are great! When I told my friends I was coming there for dental work, I think they pictured chickens and goats roaming around in the clinic. I could not have been more impressed with the facilities.. clean and truly state of the art. I felt the attention I got was personal and very caring. Dr.’s Fernandez and Mora were fast and precise and took the time to explain every process involved.

I would be glad to recommend your services to all. Thanks again for everything.

Testimonial On Dr Mora From Tom D.,


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a job well done to Dr. Mora, Dr. Fernandez, Dr.
Bustamante, and Dr. Hernandez.

A little info about my experience for your prospective clients:

My mom and I needed extensive restoration. I had 10 implants, 4 crowns and more than a dozen fillings, deep cleaning, detaining etc. and my mom needed 4 implants and the fixing of several others a doctor in Mexico messed up.

Dental cosmetics is a very well equipped facility (they even have TVs in the ceiling), a very clean and modern place. The doctors are very competent, talented and professional and all of them speak English well, so too does Maria the receptionist, the only American there.

The quality of work at Dental Cosmetic is on par with anything available in US, except it’s cheaper and delivered in a more efficient manner. Unlike jack of all
trades in Mexico, everything is done by specialists at Dental Cosmetics.

Dr. Mora, the cosmetics genius,
Dr. Fernandez, the surgery specialist who worked fast and caused me no pain,
Dr. Bustamante, the general dentist-fillings, deep cleaning, destaining etc.,charming and does excellent work and Dr. Hernandez, the root canal specialist, the most pain-free root canals I have ever had, works fast and talks softly.

I was very impressed by this group, quality care at decent rates.

Thank you,


Mohammad M. talks about Dental Cosmetics,

As I sit here on my last night in Costa Rica, I wanted to send you a short letter of gratitude for everything you have done for me.

I spent a year researching dental implant surgery as I had decided it was my best
avenue for permanent teeth. As the cost
in North America was just ludicrous, I researched clinics all over the world and found your clinic on the Internet. After e-mailing Dr. Alejandro Mora back and forth over New Year’s 09/10, we made an appointment in January.

From the first appointment on — you sent Carlos to pick me up — I felt
very confident with everyone in your office; the quality of care and professionalism was unsurpassed. Every step of the way either Dr. Alejandro Mora or Dr. Andres Fernandez fully explained the procedure and what was going to occur.

The surgery to my top jaw was quite extensive, 8 implants and some bone grafting, and here I am 6 months
later with my new teeth. What a difference! I went through years of covering my mouth when I smiled or laughed due to the state of my pre-surgery teeth. This is absolutely life
changing as I am sure a lot of your patients tell you. I never thought it would have come out as well as it did.

The extra benefit of having my dental surgery done at your office is that I get to spend time in beautiful Costa Rica.

In closing, I want to thank you again and I also want to thank all of the girls in the office-
Veronike,Jessica and Evelyn. I whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone in need of dental care. If need be they can
contact me at xxx@xxx.xxx

Graeme J. talks about his positive experience in Costa Rica,

In June 2008 I went to Costa Rica for major dental restoration. After visiting Dr.
Alejandro Mora’s, office I was convinced he would provide quality service. Dr.
Alejandro Mora outlined three alternative treatment options and I selected the most comprehensive plan.

I needed to have eight teeth removed (tied to bridges) that were in various stages of decline and replace them with full dental implants,top and bottom; I felt taking aggressive action would ensure proper fit and alignment. The prices I was quoted in California averaged
$100,000, and that was unacceptable. The total cost for the trip in June and a follow-up trip in November 2008 was $28,000 dollars for the dental implants and travel expenses of $5,000 dollars (two separate 13-day trips—treatment and vacation).

I received wonderful treatment and great memories from my visits to Costa Rica.
The outcome and the overall experience exceeded my expectations. I was treated like an important customer, not just a patient. The service from Dr. Alejandro Mora Lasso and his staff was exceptional and personal.

It is now over a year and a half since the treatment was completed. My local dentist, who does my teeth cleaning, continues to comment on what a great job Dr. Alejandro Mora did in the reconstruction work. The five months I
had to get by with dentures made me realize how lucky I am to get a second chance with dental implants.

John L. praises Doctor Mora,

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